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When Performance Counts

When performance and service counts* * * Get A Feasibility Analysis

When performance and service counts

We can supply and install a solar system for LESS than what you are paying now on your power bill. The key deliverable is a positive impact on cash flow.

Get A Feasibility Analysis

How can we help?

As a specialist consulting company we will do a full power survey on your commercial premises to gain an understanding of your business.

The power survey will look at:

01 Power Factor

02 Harmonics

03 If Equipment Is Running Wastefully

04 Lighting Solutions

05 Cool Room Solutions

06 1 years Power Bills

Once the survey is complete we can tailor a solution to suit your business after a short meeting with the directors.

We can provide a range of financial products that will be cash flow positive from day 1

01 Unsecured Chatel Mortgage
(interest 8% - 11%) up to 10 million

02 Equipment rentals

03 PPA Power Purchase Agreements

04 All of our commercial solutions have comprehensive monitoring to ensure you get the return on your investment.

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